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Winter is not a dead season !

The first snowfalls should be a chance to celebrate and reward your best employees or clients, not hibernate and wait for the signs of springs to emerge.

We have some creative ideas to show you a winter incentive can be a lot of fun !

Rewarding your clients in winter !

Investing in your employees by offering them unique travel incentives may inspire their innovative thinking, increase their creative ideas and continuing loyalty to your company. Knowing what the potential reward is, what do you have to lose by planning a ski trip or a dog sledding adventure for your employees and clients in winter?

While the typical traveler may head to a warmer destination in winter, the intrepid traveler will want to check out what this natural wonderland is like in winter!

Seeing how other people thrive and not just survive during tough conditions can be a great lesson for enduring what may seem like an insurmountable challenge. Enabling your employees to embrace winter through travel incentives can help them see how people around the world make the most of any situation. Instead of spacing out during a beach vacation, your employees or clients may find inspiration while ice fishing, dog sledging in Alaska or relaxing in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon.

We have 2 exceptional samples to show you how exciting can be a winter incentive:

  • A totally unique experience in Lapland: Lapland is a place beyond thought, a place full of wonderful discoveries. Experience an exciting and exhilarating incentive with adventure, culture, wildlife and wonderful food all in the one place!
  • A local experience in Limone, Italy: The French & Italian Riviera’s are not only well known and famous for the Mediterranean Sea and coast, but also for its beautiful mountains. We are pleased to suggest you a fun day or a ski package in the pretty village of Limone, Italy one of the oldest Alpine villages & ski resort located between Piedmont and the French Riviera, only 20 minutes away from Monaco in helicopter, or 1.30 hour driving from Monaco (around 2.30 hours since 2020 storm). Experience the magical world of alpine skiing and snowboarding as well as a fun team building game… In the evening, we will take you to a secret location and enjoy a dinner & party!